For students who were previously enrolled in a
U of M graduate program

Note if you are currently registered Grad 999 or if you registered this semester but canceled your courses, you are still considered a current student.

Express Readmit

If you are returning to the same major program to pursue the same degree, you may be able to return via the Express Readmit process. 

  • This process requires program approval; the Director of Graduate Studies in your program must sign the Express Readmit Application.  You will need to know your graduate program code in order to complete the application.
  • Submit the signed application and a $75 payment to 309 Johnston Hall.  You can pay with a check, money order or by credit card.  For credit card payments, submit a copy of your payment receipt with your application. 

To pay by credit card, click the PAY NOW button below.  You will be re-directed to a payment gateway hosted by Authorize.Net.     

(Authorize.Net Security Statement)

The fee may be waived if you were registered for the previous term, but neglected to register this term, and you are returning to the same program and degree.  The application may be emailed to, but it will not be processed until required fees have been received.

 If you are unable to obtain program approval for an express readmit, you must apply online.   

Complete the online application if you:

  • want to return to a different program or degree
    (you may or may not have completed your previous degree)
  • are not able to obtain express readmission. 

In all cases, contact the major program to which you are applying for information about program content, deadlines, and whether additional materials (such as GRE scores or letters of recommendation) are needed. 

 If you have questions about which of these categories applies to your situation, please contact  Graduate Admissions at 612-625-3014, or


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Registration Requirements
Graduate students are required to register every fall and spring semester to maintain active status.