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Pilot Program Statements

Ten graduate programs participated in the pilot phase of the project. Five of the pilot programs produced two- or three-page statements that summarized the program’s educational goals and student outcomes, and described the process the program used to arrive at its outcomes and its plans for assessing students’ attainment of them. The other five programs produced longer documents with more detail and also specifically consulted a set of draft “principles” as part of their process.

The following pilot programs agreed to share their graduate student outcomes statements. (Those with a single asterisk reflect the shorter, streamlined approach; those with a double asterisk are longer documents, with the length variable at individual programs’ discretion.)

MS and PhD programs in Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics*

MS and PhD programs in Applied Economics*

MS and PhD programs in Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology**

MA and PhD programs in Child Psychology*

MA and PhD programs in History*

MA and PhD programs in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine*

MA and PhD programs in Quantitative Methods in Education/Educational Psychology**

MA and PhD programs in Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication**

MS program in Scientific and Technical Communication**

Additional Examples of Program Statements

American Studies

Animal Sciences

Applied Economics

Applied Plant Science


Arts & Cultural Leadership Program

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics

Bioproducts and Biosystems Science, Engineering and Management

Business Administration & Business Research

Communication Studies

Comparative & Molecular Biosciences

Conservation Biology

Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature

Curriculum & Instruction


Early Childhood Education

Ecology, Evolution & Behavior

Educational Psychology



Family Social Science

Food Science

Geographic Information Science Program

Human Factors & Ergonomics

Integrated Behavioral Health


Land & Atmospheric Science

Master of Biological Sciences

Master of Liberal Studies

MBA Program at University of Minnesota - Duluth

Medicinal Chemistry

Microbial Engineering

Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology & Genetics

Multicultural College Teaching & Learning

Natural Resources Science and Management

Nutrition / Map of Learning Outcomes

Organizational Leadership, Policy & Development



Plant Biological Sciences

Plant Pathology

School of Music

School of Social Work

Social & Administrative Pharmacy



Veterinary Medicine

Water Resources Science



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